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Why Liturgical Worship is Important?


WHY LITURGICAL WORSHIP IS IMPORTANT? Have you not asked why we do our worship service in a liturgical way and not in a contemporary style? I believe there is a need to re-awaken the church into true spiritual worship. A lot of churches that used liturgical ways of service have also embraced the phenomenon of contemporary style. Let us try to see some significant differe...

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When Things Don't Make Sense


Perhaps a lot would say, “the more I want to obey God, the more its hard to pursue Him because of unpleasant circumstances that come”. Or maybe you would say “Is God really in control of everything even though there are situations that are really hurting us, and we feel alone?”. Yes, at the onset we tend to think that we are alone, but every Christ-believing peopl...

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God's Grace is Limitless


The grace of God should mean a lot to us, especially to His people. Grace is the divine means by which God makes Himself everything we need to utterly abound (2 Cor. 9:8). ...

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The Forgotten Symbols of Christmas


These are the symbols of Christmas we need to take note of. We all grew up celebrating the Holidays in somewhat worldly fashion that we tend to forget the real meaning of why Christ came into this world....

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