The grace of God should mean a lot to us, especially to His people. Grace is the divine means by which God makes Himself everything we need to utterly abound (2 Cor. 9:8). Man’s true problem is sin and that goes against the holiness of God. It is by grace that a spiritually dead man would be able to live again. To repent of one’s sins is also to go back to a life that God has designed for us all, a life of being with Him. The phrase as far as the east is from the west is found in Psalm 103:11-12, meant to communicate infinity. How can one measure its distance, when God’s love is the measuring rod? God forgives, God cares that’s why God sent His only Son Jesus Christ who is completely the greatest and unequalled measure of His infinite love to His people. Christ died for the sins of His people. His grace is so rich that we can exist, grasp the hope of human life, worship the living God and be saved against His wrath.

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