How to become a member of Grace Abound Community Church

Welcome to Grace Abound Community Church!!
We welcome and want to thank you for interest in becoming a member of GACC . Our hope is that this page will help you study the teachings of the church and to find your place in.

To become a member of GACC, you will need to go through 4 stages: 

     1. Attend a membership class 

Here, our Pastor/Elder will discuss the basic information about our church’s history, leadership, and ministries. Discuss what our church’s belief regarding doctrines and theology. Importance of local church membership. . What is church expectation from its members. 

     2. Submit your membership application(Internal Process) (Form to be provided by the church) 

Pastor will review your application( testimony, baptism) and, upon approval, will recommend you to the members for approval.  A vote of affirmation will take place into the next Member’s meeting. 

     3. Meet with the Pastor/Elder and Deacon to review your application and clarify any questions you may  
     4. Once done the first three stages, the incoming member will agree to the Membership covenant and be presented to the congregation the following Sunday  


Please click belows link for the following:

1. About Our Commitment

2. Our History

3. Our Pastor

4. Our Statement of Faith 

5. Our Influences