Pastor Alsan Santos 

Alsan Santos was born and raised in the Philippines. He is a follower of Christ, a husband to Ritzel Navarro, and a father to their three boys. His education was Psychology and Christian Ministry. He grew up in an evangelical faith and his involvement in the ministry began at an early age through local church missions, church plantings, and evangelisms. He started pastoring a church in 2008.

Alsan would describe himself as a student of the Word. Even before entering Bible School, the writings of the Puritans have already made a huge impact in his interest in studying the Scriptures, and eventually of the Protestant Reformers.

To proclaim the glory of God, to abide in the liberating truth of the Scriptures and the fellowship of the Christian community are his passion in his continuous service to the Lord. He is presently residing with his young family in Canada.